Testimonials From Our Clients

We like to let our client’s speak for themselves about their coaching experience:

Individual Couching

“Finally, concrete ideas that help me get things done on time.” – A Sales Professional

“I like the simple, but sophisticated ways I now manage my ADHD.” – A Physician

“My team pays attention and does what I ask, often before I ask, what a relief.” – Exec. Dir. of Small Non-profit


Workplace Couching

“Everyone on the team is more relaxed now that we handle tough issues the way you suggested.” – Owner of a Professional Health Practice

“I still find it hard to believe that we fired my two worst employees and neither one created a stink. This stuff works!”  – A Service Business Owner

“I didn’t want consultant talk; I wanted a more productive team. You did it. Complaints are
down, sales are up and I’m spending less time babysitting people.” – Business Owner


Couples Couching

“We talk about what to try next; we don’t just keep going over everything that’s wrong.” – A Wife of six years

“When we slow down, checkout our assumptions and discuss solutions, I really like talking with her.” – A Husband of 12 years

“You were right about D… (my husband), he does try to listen if I handle it right.” – A Wife of 12 years