Executive Coaching

Now solo-practitioners, professional practice partners and independent workers have the opportunity to get the personal coaching they need to help their business or practice evolve from a start-up stage to a flourishing self-sustaining business.

If you are a talented individual whose strengths don’t include personnel development, administrative systems and follow through, you can get clear, practical assistance and move your business to the next level.
Livingston Services has the experience and tools to help you rethink your approach to your business’ organization, employees or customers. And if your work life is just out of balance, we have ideas to help there too.
Livingston Services’ executive coaching programs work with you to find effective ways to build on your proven strengths and encourage your natural style.
We have extensive experience working with:
  • Creative, fast moving executives who get bogged down in details and finishing projects
  • Managers who can’t find employees they can reliably delegate to
  • Key personnel who are dissatisfied with their present situation
  • Supervisory approaches that increase retention of staff
  • New managers and supervisors who are challenged by new responsibilities
  • Planning for future growth, change and transitions
  • Negotiating personnel and staff crises
  • Family businesses
  • Training staff for improved customer relations and loyalty