Building a Better Workplace

workplace-1“Everyone on the team is more relaxed now that we handle tough issues the way you suggested.” – Owner of a Professional Health Practice

“I still find it hard to believe that we fired my two worst employees and neither one created a stink. This stuff works!” – A Service Business Owner

“I didn’t want consultant talk; I wanted a more productive team. You did it. Complaints are down, sales are up and I’m spending less time babysitting people.” – A Business Owner

Fortune 500 CEOs and senior managers in all major business sectors use coaches to improve their own performance and that of their key personnel. Coaching has been shown to improve the skills, strategy and tactics of business professionals just like it does world-class athletes.

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usiness owners and professional practices have discovered that coaching is an effective and economical way to boost their own or their team’s performance. They see less employee friction, increased retention of valued employees and more motivated, creative, productive teams.

“After just two sessions, my team came to me requesting we strive for a higher level of client services.” – A Managing Dentist

There are three main ways to utilize a coach:

1. Get Specific, Individual Help Developing Your Abilities.


  1. Become the leader you want to be; develop more effective personal strategies, attitudes and skills. Learn the most helpful and least demanding ways to organize your tasks and projects. (Read more on Getting Things Done)
  2. A coach can help you get the very best from your people by helping you develop management and supervisory procedures and skills that attract and hold valuable individuals. (Read more on Evaluations that Motivate) When your team is built around quality people, your whole day is more pleasurable.


2. Support Key Individuals with Focused Coaching


  1. Increase the value of key employees by helping them grow in crucial areas.
  2. Use a coach to guide an individual who needs to change his or her behavior, attitude or productivity. (Read more on When to Invest in Personnel)


3. Train and Motivate Management Teams

  1. Teams with a shared understanding of quality, productiveness, appropriate initiative and client/patient relations are easier to supervise and increase revenue potential.
  2. A workplace culture that values respect for each other, professional growth, cooperative problem solving and acceptance of responsibility attracts the most productive and easiest to manage employees. (Read more on Modeling Respect)
  3. The development of interpersonal skills among team members increases the likelihood that intra-team conflicts are avoided or more easily managed and cultivates future managers.

When you employee the right coach, you will see an increase in quality measurers and can expect that new procedures, systems and attitudes are implemented more effectively. Our coaching is based on the latest neurobiological science. We have 30 years of experience helping businesses apply the best research to solve personnel problems and train leaders.

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