Helping Individuals Change

coulseling“Finally, concrete ideas that help me get things done on time.” – Sales Professional

“I like the simple, but sophisticated ways I now manage my ADHD.” – A NH Physician

“My team pays attention and does what I ask, often before I ask, what a relief.” – Non-profit Executive Director

You can do things you want.

You can go beyond just dreaming and move past discouragement and failure to just to do them.

You don’t have to start with tremendous willpower; you can have ADHD and still you can learn to make changes.

Coaching will offer specific ways to change.

  • Learn how simple it is do things that never seemed easy – start projects early, finish projects on time, keep track of details, write your novel or run a marathon. What’s on your list?
  • Learn how to stop doing things that you want to quit – eating too much, putting aside tasks, getting impatient, forgetting or getting lost in the computer and lots more.

Jay LIvingston, Livingston Services

Clients report that they’re more relaxed, more productive, remember things with less effort; they’ve made important changes and they aren’t trying harder.

The latest neurobiological science gives solid evidence of how to change your habits, your behavior and your life. We have 30 years of experience helping individuals apply the best research to solve life-long problems; it isn’t magic and it isn’t complicated.

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