Communication Skills for Couples

Couples Skills“We talk about what to try next; we don’t just keep going over everything that’s wrong.” – A Wife of six years

“When we slow down, checkout our assumptions and discuss solutions, I really like talking with her.” – A Husband of 12 years

“You were right about my husband, he does try to listen if I handle it right.” – A Wife of 12 years

Couples Coaching focuses on a more enjoyable future where you both feel closer and have less frustration.

Coaching can create positive steps that will end the frustrating repetition of the same old tangled conversations, the butting of heads over the same longstanding issues or arguments that never seem to get resolved.

Coaching’s practical, straightforward, proven techniques that can eliminate damaging arguments and offer alternatives besides drifting into silence. A Coach will help you alter specific, simple behaviors and avoid conversational traps that stand in the way of the relationship flourishing.

couples skills

Working with a Couples Coach is quite different than most therapies. Our focus is on what you want to be like; how you want to treat each other, what kind of relationship you want to have. In the first session you start learning new approaches to get you to those goals. The aim is to quickly move beyond talking about what hasn’t worked and what he/she said or did and begin to create change.

Many couples who’ve tried therapy and found themselves still repeating the old snarls, entangled in the same conversational loops, dealing with the same anger or discouragement have found that coaching offers practical, concrete help to break old habits.

Coaching works best for couples where at least one person is clearly motivated, where at least one person wants to try something new, and where plain talk is welcomed. It’s normal for one member of the couple to come in with lots of questions and doubts and still have the couple begin treating each other differently.

The coach you are looking for is someone who has studied the research on couples’ interactions, who has lots of personal and professional experience and who can offer very specific suggestions. If this sounds good to you, then we may be a good choice for the two of you.

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